CO Football Moved to Spring 2021

Today, CHSAA just announced that Colorado Football will now be moved from the Fall of 2020 to Spring of 2021. Due to COVID-19 concerns, practices will begin on February 22nd and games will start no earlier than March 4th, 2021.

With the new season schedule released, Angel Hawk is committed to remain flexible as teams are continued to be stretched during these uncertain times. Top quality practice and game film remain a critical element for the success of any team. Come Spring 2021, Angel Hawk will be there to provide the high quality drone film that teams expect. We will continue to provide unmatched film perspective and remain innovative with new technology so that teams may benefit this coming year, and many years to come.

Angel Hawk drones and pilots are ready to go for your team. We looking forward to seeing you out on the field in Spring 2021!


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